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Why would you point, click and type, when you can talk? Winscribe Speech Recognition is a powerful voice-to-text software solution that enables clinicians to quickly and easily enter patient information and other documentation.

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Focus On Patients

Leave Documentation To Winscribe

Winscribe Speech Recognition emphasizes choice. When deployed in conjunction with Winscribe’s voice management system, speech recognized text can be automatically sent to transcription support staff for review and completion, when needed. This enables physicians to focus more time on patients, not paperwork.

For physicians who prefer the power of “once and done” documentation, Winscribe offers standalone, front-end speech recognition that works in real-time and offers self-edit functionality.Winscribe Speech Recognition can also can be utilized with EHRs and other applications that allow text entry.

  •  Flexible speech recognition options: self-edit or send to transcription support staff for completion
  •  Reduce the cost of transcription or free up medical support staff for other tasks
  •  Enable faster and more complete documentation into your EHR
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System Highlights

  •  Easy to use with a high level of accuracy right out of the box. User acceptance and ramp to productivity is rapid.
  •  Light network and resource footprint with centralized management of voice profiles, user preferences, and document templates
  •  Based on the latest proven Microsoft speech technology and algorithms
  •  Integration with EHR systems and third-party applications via HL7, XML or Web Services
  •  Promotes complete, high-quality patient data through narrative documentation.
  •  Automatic learning system — enhancements for one user benefit all.
  •  Maximizes cost-savings and reduce transcription needs with self-edit option
  •  Flexible acquisition options: on premise, usage-based or cloud-based licensing options –scalable from group practices to large hospitals.


Working with Speech Recognition

Whether delegating completion of speech-recognized reports to transcriptionists (back-end speech recognition) or managing real-time self-editing (front-end speech recognition), Winscribe’s workflow is designed to make the documentation process faster and accommodate user needs as summarized in the diagram below.

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Speech recognized text is able to be populated directly into fields within an EHR.

Winscribe works with you to map these fields and create a system that is easy to understand and use for your clinicians.

user interface speech recognition

speech recognition interface


Articles & Information

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