Remote Work Isn’t Going Anywhere. Business is Happening from Everywhere.

Two common telework myths have been busted over the last several months. The first, while the world worked from home, on average employee productivity levels increased. Second, these new remote workers really enjoyed working from home!

In fact, in a recent Harvard Business School survey more than 80% of respondents hoped Work From Home (WFH) would continue after the pandemic. So what does that mean for the future of business and the increasing need for Work Everywhere IT?

It means there’s no going back to the way it was, at least not for everyone. Much like today’s consumer, today’s worker wants more.

At IDT, we’ve outlined five key pillars to help our clients establish a Work Everywhere IT workforce:

• A remote access platform that allows you to be productive anywhere.
• Simplified content delivery with single sign-on from any device.
• The right-sized technology devices that stay within your budget.
• Multiple layers of cybersecurity to combat the rise of threats.
• Collaborative and reliable communication tools.

Perhaps the most notable pillar or technological advancement is having those reliable communication tools in place so your team and your customers don’t have to choose one or the other – they can have the best of both.

At IDT, we’re proud to partner with RingCentral, a leader in Cloud communications that provides messaging, video, phone, contact centers, and more. RingCentral’s Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution is the simplest way for you to enable your team to connect and save up to 50%. Other benefits include:

• Seamless connections that allow you to quickly connect, share screens, files, or simply instant message all in one single and easy-to-use platform.
• A virtual business number to increase mobility for employees who are always on the go. This allows instant calls from any internet-connected device such as a phone or tablet.
• No on-site equipment to avoid ongoing maintenance and the flexibility to scale with your business. Any new extensions and features can be added in just a minutes’ time.

#WorkEverywhereIT isn’t going anywhere—it’s everywhere and IDT is here to help you make sure your everywhere workforce is secure, connected and collaborating effectively from home, in the office or from a screen nearby.

IDT’s got you covered and is ready to help make connecting and collaborating easy. To learn more about us, click here. And if you’re ready to increase the overall efficiency of your business, let’s schedule a call. We look forward to connecting with you.