Hardware and Software

Companies depend on well-functioning IT systems to fuel the efficiency and productivity of their businesses. Through our various partner relationships, our IDT experts can supply virtually any piece of hardware or software for any company need, including PC-compatible workstations, network file servers, and more.

With our valued training and industry experience, we can also assist in the development and installation of a plethora of technologies. From implementation planning to custom integrations and project management, we aren’t just another vendor. We make sure that each of your projects yields a lasting ROI.

Our hardware and software solutions and services include:

  • Custom Hardware and Software Integration
  • Project Management
  • Hardware Maintenance
  • Hardware, Software, and Cable Installation
  • Web Hosting and Electronic Mail Services
  • Implementation Planning
  • Remote Computing Solutions
  • Application Servers
  • Electronic Mail and Data Collaboration
  • Calendar Management and Scheduling
  • Document and Image Management
  • Custom Website Development and Hosting
  • Word Processing
  • Electronic Spreadsheets