Remote Security

It’s important to have a managed service provider that can increase operational efficiency and drive profitable growth. We at Integrated Data Technologies provide software and service capabilities that leverage the opportunity to lower the costs associated with IT management processes.

Our technicians are proactive in their approach: They actively resolve systems issues and maintain a continuous client relationship. Because of our team’s in-depth training, we provide the constantly-developing expertise needed to support and manage nearly 500,000 devices around the world. Available 24x7x365, we cater to your business and technology needs. Since financial surprises can hinder communication and a good business relationship, we stay in constant communication and keep you up to date on pricing. We even offer a pay-as-you-go option so you don’t spend extra dollars on services that aren’t needed.

We provide support in all areas, specializing in:

  • Automation
    • Advanced Scripting, Intelligent Device Profiling, Rules-based Analysis, and Tight PSA Integration
  • Maintenance
    • Desktop security scans, Anti-malware, Intelligent Patching, Client Communicator
  • Management
    • Policy Management, NOC-driven Resolution, Customizable Reports, and  LogMeIn Pro Access
  • Monitoring
    • Intelligent Monitoring, SNMP Monitoring, Backup Monitoring, and Partner-defined Monitoring

With a strong backbone of support from Integrated Data Technologies, your business can run efficiently with predictable IT costs.