Digital Dictation Solutions

For businesses that have to consistently battle masses of paperwork, such as companies in the legal and medical fields, Digital Dictation is a way to ease administration burdens by improving the documentation, organization, and management of workflows with the latest technologies in voice and document management products. With our industry-leading development partners, IDT experts are highly committed to serving the medical, scientific, diagnostic, and consumer markets with the latest products and services. We deliver the next-generation solutions that improve dictation workflows, boost employee performance, and achieve exceptional results.

As the central component of any voice and document management solution, IDT offers cutting-edge voice management recorder applications to support both telephone and client/server-based dictation and transcription. These scalable applications allow for customizable user profiles, file tracking, user-defined distribution, and a myriad of other useful functions.

Digital Dictation solutions help legal practices manage voice and text files with efficiency and flexibility. That not only provides true real-time functionality and cost effectiveness, but it also allows transcriptionists to work smarter and faster with greater precision than ever before.

IDT also offers healthcare professionals the latest in cutting-edge voice and document management products on the market today. Working closely with our development partners, we are highly committed to helping our medical clients improve their patient-record process by introducing them to the most advanced dictation tools in the industry.

Integrated speech recognition combines the flexibility of digital dictation with the performance of speech recognition, which has long been an objective for many organizations. At IDT, we partner with the leading manufactures in the industry, including Philips, Winscribe, and Olympus.

IDT’s Digital Dictation solutions and services include:

  • Remote access for working off site
  • Job routing options for spreading, reallocating, and outsourcing workload
  • Built-in reporting for tracking productivity
  • Prioritization for different job types and priority levels
  • Optional front- and back-end integrated speech recognition
  • Flexible recording inputs including telephone, PC, Internet, digital portables, and PDA dictation for creating, managing, and transcribing voice documents
  • Encryption of data and voice for data security
  • Satellite Dictation Architecture (SDA) for communicating across the local area network or Internet
  • Web Manager interface for visibility and control of organizational workflow
  • Integration Tool Kit for seamless integration with back-end office systems
  • Adjustable sound quality for improved productivity

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